Instruction manual for the Java applets

Turning/rotating the cube

By clicking outside the cube and moving the mouse with pressed mouse button, you can rotate the cube. This makes it possible to view the cube from all angles.
By clicking within the cube, you can turn single layers. Move the mouse to the direction you want to turn the layer. If you have scrambled the cube, you can reset it with the button  to its initial position. This you should always do on a manual scrambled cube before starting to play the algorithm, otherwise you won't get the right result.

Functions of the buttons


Resets the cube to its initial state. This is necessary when you have manually turned the cube. The viewing angle will be also resetted.


The cube will be randomly mixed. If you have clicked at this button, you can reset the cube with the button 


Starts playing the algorithm. While playing, the button will convert to a "pause"-button. By clicking on pause  you can interrupt playing at any time.


Click this button to undo the last move of the algorithm.


Executes the next move of the algorithm. For a better understanding of what's happening to the cube on any algorithm, it can be helpful to play it step by step. It can also be useful to view the cube from different angles.


By clicking on the button "setup" a window will open with following options:

You can close the window by clicking on "setup" once again.

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